ExpressAdmission Advantages

Developed by Astornet Technologies, ExpressAdmission is a patented, state-of-the-art “access control” system that automates the identification of visitors and their admission to the building—all in just a few seconds.

To you, that means peace of mind, substantial cost savings, and reduced liability. (It probably means reduced insurance premiums, too).
Express Admission is the most comprehensive, user-friendly and fastest solution to entry and exit management!


Why Express Admission versus other competitors' software?
Visitor Access Control Product Comparison
Features: ExpressAdmission® LobbyWorks® FastPass® PassagePoint®
High Traffic   No No No
Automated Data Collection No No No
Automated Exit No No No
Instant Report of visitors still on premises No No No
Multiple Badge Entry No No No
Timed Badges No No No
ID and DOB Encryption for Privacy No No No
Instant Traceable  Legal Record collection No No No
Selection and usage of unlimited number of printers No No No
Customizable data Collection No No No
Customizable User Security Settings No No No
Automated Snapshot   No No No
Import/Export of Data No No No
Extensive Searching and reporting tools No No No


Product Highlights
  • Reads encoded drivers license from any US state or Canada
  • Reads government, military, immigration IDs
  • Reads company ID
  • Reads credit cards and any personalized store cards
  • Supports multiple sites, multiple workstations
  • Supports Network Active Directory
  • Supports unattended entrances
  • Capture visitor photos automatically
  • Self-Expiring badges option
  • Human Resources Control
  • Visitor Pre-Announcement
  • Automated badges printed on the fly in color or B&W
  • Easy visitor sign-out
  • Integrates with your existing company database
  • Verifies and reports visitor history on the fly
  • Extensive reporting tool
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