The ExpressAdmission System

The ExpressAdmission system is a state-of-the-art package using the latest programming technologies. It includes all the hardware and software you will need. 


Automate ID Recognition 
ExpressAdmission supports Drivers licenses from any US State and Canada, credit cards, government IDs, personalized store cards, INS Cards, and more. Reading is instant, individual online pre-registration is recognized, and badge is printed.
Secure Login

The system is secured by a login screen that determines the user level of interaction with the system.

Unlimited user access permission levels can be configured, thus defining user access policy which controls user actions.


Visitor Data Collection 

When started, the software opens a visitor data collection window and is ready to collect data.

This window would look different if you purchase the camera option with your software package.

Data is collected in 1 second.

Drivers license data is collected in 1 second.
ID number and DOB are encrypted for security and privacy reasons.

Snapshots are instantly acquired upon reading the ID, when the system includes the live video option.

 Visitor Pre-Announcement

Employees can pre-announce their visitors. In this case, the system will:

  • read a drivers license
  • acquire visitor picture
  • matches visitor with an employee
  • print a badge
  • pop up a window with the employee contact information for visitor escort.

No front desk employee interaction is needed.

Without pre-announcement, visitor provides the name of the person being visited, front desk employee performs a fast search to locate employee record.

Extensive Reporting

Reports can be obtained by:

  • Date
  • Company
  • Zip code
  • Employee visited
  • Visitor's Name
  • and a lot more.




Plus, a lot of other interesting and very useful features are included. You can verify a visitor visits history or use a NO-ENTRY watch list to control access to premises. 

Express Admission Software Requirements
  1. A Personal Computer (PC) with an Intel Pentium IV 2.2-Megahertz (MHz) or faster processor
  2. 768 Megabit (MB) or greater RAM (Random-Access Memory)
  3. Approximately 100 MB of available hard-disk space.
  4. Super Video Graphics Array (VGA) (800 x 600) or higher resolution monitor
  5. An Operating System (OS) of either: a. Windows 2000, Service Pack 3 or later b. Windows XP or later
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