Why ExpressAdmission?
3 Easy Steps to Increased Security & Cost Savings

1) Each employee or visitor is instructed (by sign or by guard) to swipe his or her driver’s license (or i.d. card authorized by you).


2) A mounted camera takes a quick photo.

3) The computer does a quick database check using the barcode or magnetic strip on the i.d.. It will decline access to unauthorized individuals —alerting security (as you specify).

4) A photo-id badge is printed and access is granted for authorized individuals.

The whole process takes only a couple of seconds for each guest allowed to enter. When they leave, they just scan the admittance badge, leave it, and their departure is logged.

It’s that easy!

Plus--there is minimal space required for the equipment and the ROI is high—saving you millions in potential legal fees related to a liability suit, reduction of overhead for guards, and savings of thousands of dollars associated with manual reporting.


Who’s Where When? Instant Accurate Information

If you want to know who is in the building at any given moment or when someone left, the system will allow you to easily access customized reports that detail each individual’s time of entrance and exit (or they are still in the building). If you or a tenant just need the report of visitors for a specific company in the building, you can do that, too. 

ExpressAdmission eliminates the guessing or wondering about guest whereabouts that is associated with traditional handwritten guest registers. The 99.9 percent accuracy of reports means greater detail…greater security and greater peace of mind for you, your tenants…and your building’s guests!

Plus, the system archives i.d. information and digital photos of each person entering the building.


State-of-the-Art Technology Maximizes System Flexibility


  • easy to integrate with an existing database on a central server or it can stand alone.
  • complementary to other access control mechanisms, such as locking doors or guard stations—whatever works for you.
  • building tenants can customize the look of their own badges
  • tenants can pre-announce visitors through the internet or intranet
  • supports multiple locations/sites and/or unattended entrances
  • encrypted ID numbers for security and privacy
  • reports can be sorted by tenant/company, date, employee, zip code
  • garage entrances can be the point-of-entry
  • employee tracking (time in-and-out and vacation records)—eliminating time clocks and ensuring accuracy
  • group registration available as an option
  • credit cards, employer i.d. badges, and store cards can be i.d. alternatives to driver’s license if you prefer.



Product Highlights
  • Reads encoded drivers license from any US state or Canada
  • Reads government, military, immigration IDs
  • Reads company ID
  • Reads credit cards and any personalized store cards
  • Supports multiple sites, multiple workstations
  • Supports Network Active Directory
  • Supports unattended entrances
  • Capture visitor photos automatically
  • Self-Expiring badges option
  • Human Resources Control
  • Visitor Pre-Announcement
  • Automated badges printed on the fly in color or B&W
  • Easy visitor sign-out
  • Integrates with your existing company database
  • Verifies and reports visitor history on the fly
  • Extensive reporting tool
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